Ron Paul

Ron PaulSo a lot of you asked me about Ron Paul a couple of years ago and how much of a threat he poses to my quest for Presidency of the Universe in 2012 (it’s in the bag).

Let me put it to you like this: every single U.S. President who has stood up against the Federal Reserve System has been assassinated. Till they were dead.

But I know you’re all educated people so you already know all of this stuff.

Andrew ‘Hardcore’ Jackson was lucky to escape with his life when both guns aimed at his chest misfired, but during his twilight years his only friends were madness and a recurring delusion that he had in fact the killed the bane of his existence, the private central bank. He hadn’t.

Lincoln printed his own interest-free money to fund the war against the south because he didn’t agree with the interest rates that the international bankers were offering. They were very pissed off. He was shot and killed while in office.

James Garfield wanted control of the money supply, and he too was assassinated while in office.

JFK wanted a new interest-free currency to be distributed through the U.S. Treasury and not the Federal Reserve. Back and to the left. Back and to the left.

So Ron Paul may want to run for President again in 2012? I wish him all the best, but he doesn’t have a chance. The only people who support him are bums, beatniks, hippies, idealists, losers, cowards and sweaty geeks who can’t get laid. I don’t want their votes. He can have them. Those demographics aren’t going to be welcome in my Universe.

And if he does become President, I have every confidence that the Federal Reserve goons in my corner will correct whatever mistakes a rigged election, faulty computer voting systems, misplaced ballots and Fox News failed to correct. And that’s a fact.

Now I’m off to have lunch for five hours with my good buddy Alex Jones.


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