Thank You

Thank YouFifty posts. Time to call it a day. As you can see, I’ve got a lot of shit to sign. Kissinger walked into the office five minutes ago and dumped this huge stack of papers onto my table. Manolo’s taken the day off, so ol’ muggins here has to sort them out. It’s been a lot of fun writing this blog, and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. From Manolo, Kissinger and myself: thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to vote for me in 2012.


3 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Anton Says:

    Komme on Arnie, the whole Österreich reads your blog und waits fur your kommand to overtake the world. Don’t leave us now Dear Leader! 2012 ist das jahr!

  2. WirstBrat Says:

    Whaddaya mean call it a day? Whaddaya mean Manolo’s taken the day off? You can’t do that! Neither can Manolo.

    Get a grip!

  3. Sillycasper Says:

    Stay! You have fans, we ‘re just too awestruck to comment!

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