Think About It

Think About ItSo I’m launching a new initiative here in Kalifornia. With all the rampant wildfires our state experiences, the costs of rebuilding can be enormous. Insurance companies are hurting, and the cost of paying out expensive premiums on multi-million dollar homes is proving be a serious burden.

From now on, instead of rewarding people whose homes continue to burn, year after year – I propose this: we start rewarding those whose homes don’t burn. If we continue to reward failure with windfall insurance settlements, where is the motivation to not have your home go up in flames? We need to bring the innovation brought to our nation’s schools to bear to save our nation’s suburbs. We need to end the barbaric practice of predatory home burnings and start to reward those whose homes don’t burn.

We need to bring common sense politiks back to Kalifornia, and end this cycle of failure.


2 Responses to “Think About It”

  1. Matt Says:

    I don’t understand

  2. wish I was Says:

    Isn’t it odd that according to the myans, the world will end on 12/20/2012? Coincidence? I think not…lmao

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