BarrySo I’m watching you Barry. I’m watching you very closely.

You look tired Barry. I bet you could really do with a cigarette right now, couldn’t you Barry? So I’ve got a question for you. What did you do with all the money that we gave you Barry? Did you put it into education? How about infrastructure? Did you use it to rebuild this country into what it once was, and what it still stands for? Or did you give it to your friends Barry? The ones who got you where you are today. Your very special friends. Where’s the money Barry? When are the troops coming home Barry?

Have you seen my movies Barry? I beat the crap out of bad guys. That’s what I do. It’s who I am. And do you know what you are Barry? You’re a bad guy.

You’re gonna get what’s coming to you Barry. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. One day.

Let me tell you something Barry. When I’m elected President of the Universe in 2012, I’m gonna make you answer. Not to me. To the people who voted for me. And on that day Barry, you’re gonna get what’s coming to you.

You’re gonna pay for everything that you’ve done Barry.

Count on it.


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