GeorgeSo I’m watching you George. I’m watching you very closely.

Everyone’s forgotten about you George. All the bullshit you put this country, and the rest of the world, through for eight years. How does it feel George? I bet it feels good, doesn’t it? Playing cowboy at the ranch. Spending all your daddy’s money. You were planning those wars weren’t you George? You just needed an excuse. You never did find those weapons you were looking for, did you George? But you got the contracts. That’s the important thing. You got the contracts. Have you been to New Orleans recently George? How’s the weather there these days? I haven’t forgotten about you George.

Have you seen my movies George? I beat the crap out of bad guys. That’s what I do. It’s who I am. And do you know what you are George? You’re a bad guy.

You’re gonna get what’s coming to you George. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. One day.

Let me tell you something George. When I’m elected President of the Universe in 2012, I’m gonna make you answer. Not to me. To the people who voted for me. And on that day George, you’re gonna get what’s coming to you.

You’re gonna pay for everything that you’ve done George.

Count on it.


One Response to “George”

  1. Wolf Says:

    Well, this actually makes me think of voting for you… 😉

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