So a few days ago my good buddy Banksy Moon put his gloves on and took a stroll around the doomsday seed vault we’re building in the Arctic.

It’s a precaution in case Kissinger goes home wasted and stinking of pros one night and accidentally pushes the big red button he’s got installed in his bedroom. Paranoid fuckweed. He still thinks we’re fighting the Commies.

I keep trying to tell him that today it’s ugly brown guys with beards and a penchant for comedic stupidity, as portrayed accurately in my supersmashhitboxofficemovie True Lies, but what can you do? He’s getting too old to change his ways, plus only a fucking lunatic would wanna get on the wrong side of Kissinger. We do our best to keep him out of trouble, but one day, shit’s gonna get real. So that’s why we’ve got a seed vault in the ze coolerTM, HATM HATM HATM!

And no one knows this yet, but Manolo’s managed to smuggle in a secret stash of buds, stogies and hardcore pornography! EEEYYYAAARRRGGGHHHTM!!! I mean, seriously, what the fuck else am I gonna do come the apocalypse when I’m cooped up in there with geeks and nerds talking about their stupid seeds. Bunch of choir boysTM.


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