Welcome To Cimmeria

1: Welcome To CimmeriaSo there is so much dust everywhere. It gets in your eyes so you’re squinting all the time. And the heat is oppressive. I stepped over three carcasses on the road this morning. I couldn’t tell what they were. The vultures and flies had seen to that. Probably dogs. Dogs without masters, left to scavenge for themselves. Left to die. This is not the Cimmeria of my memories.

The towns and settlements that I’ve passed along the way are all empty. Their buildings are crumbling. Their wells are dry. But there are no graves here, nor funeral pyres. There is nothing. No one has died. They just left.

I can see a thin plume of smoke about a mile ahead of me. It’s coming from another village. I’ve been walking for five hours now and I haven’t crossed paths with another living soul. I need to find shelter before night falls, and I need answers. Also, I’m running dangerously low on stogies.

I look back at the way I have come for the last time, and then start making my way towards the village ahead of me, across the scarred and tortured surface of my beloved Cimmeria…


4 Responses to “Welcome To Cimmeria”

  1. Wolf Says:

    To the author:
    Reading your post yesterday made me think you were planning to go on vacation and thus needed to lower peoples expectation when it comes to the frequency of future posts. I am glad to see I was mistaken!!

    Let me just take the chance and say thank you for this blog. When I stumbled upon it by chance and read the first few blogs I went back to the very first post and had a fun time reading it all. Since then I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed and am surprised, so few people have commented on it. Makes me uneasy, since you could decide it’s not worth the effort… Please keep this up. It’s hilarious, creative, something to look forward to.

    On par with Fake Steve Jobs Diary (www.fakesteve.net) or Darth Vaders “Memoirs of a Monster” (darthside.blogspot.com). Great stuff!!

    And by all means go for presidency. 🙂

    • Arnold Says:

      Thanks dude, glad you like. It’s a lot of fun to write. I was actually thinking of stopping for a few weeks, but then I thought, “just one more post.” Kind of like, “just one more cigarette.”

      We’ve leveled out at over 100 hits a day, but maybe that’s just Manolo sitting in the smoking tent hitting the refresh button on the web browser ;D

      Don’t know how long we’ll carry on for. There will be an official statement if/when the run for presidency comes to an end.

      • WirstBrat Says:

        It’s hilarious, +1 for Wolf’s comments, I’ll do what I can to spread the word amongst my friends.

  2. The Lack Says:

    Ditto what these guys say, your funny and I love funny. I also have a blog called “The Lack” for funny stuff i do lots of local cartoons for Hawaiian Politic’s and other fun things.

    Maybe I could draw some stuff for you, always free you know.

    The Lack

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