I Need A Vacation

I Need A VacationSo I’m going on vacation for a few weeks. Ted’s dead, Maria’s still pissed at me, Kissinger’s one and only plan for world domination is to exterminate 90% of the population, and that son of a bitchTM Dillon’s still out there somewhere waiting for me to fuck up so he can make his move.

I’ve decided to return to my homeland of Cimmeria, where I can smoke stogies indoors and make blood sacrifices to CROM every day, and seek his wisdom and guidance, before I begin my epic quest to become President of Universe in 2012.

I’ve got some gubernatorial stationary with me, so I’ll be writing down my thoughts on paper, and then sending them to Manolo by camel so that he can type them up. Unless I get really pissed off and decide to punch the camel in the face (that was a total ad-lib by the way).

And when I return, rejuvenated, revitalized, I will unleash the full force and fury of Valhalla itself, and my good buddy CROM will rain down destruction and ruin on every fool standing in the way of my ascension.

I’ll be backTM.


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