We’re not going to tell you what we did with your $24 trillion

joker-burns-moneySo check this out. A bunch of hippie bums and freeloaders want to… hang on a second, Manolo are you sure this is right?! They want to audit the Fed?! You people are so stupid. Let me tell you something, before you decide to lend someone $24 TRILLION, maybe you should do a little background check on them first, I dunno, maybe read some books or something.

You want to know where your money went? I’ll tell you where: yachts, mansions, booze, cocaine, hookers for Kissinger, more yachts… the most epic spending binge in history, at your expense. And they’re just getting started. They’re going to be asking for more of your money very soon, so let’s all play good citizens and hand it over without too much fuss, eh?

If you ask me, they’re just wasting it. When I’m President of the Universe in 2012, I’m going to build a giant fire-breathing, solid-gold statue of CROM on the front lawn of the White House, and then I’m going to build an even bigger statue of me right next to it EEEYYYAAARRRGGGHHHTM!!! With a giant stogie hanging from my mouth HATM HATM HATM!

But I digress. The Fed has never been audited, and it’s going to stay that way until you people wake up penniless and homeless on the land your ancestors conquered. So hippies, why don’t you just do what you usually do and get stoned and have sex and protest about the silly polar bears not having anywhere to live. Or something else that’s equally important. In the meantime, my buddies are going to carry on running this country into the ground, and they ask only one thing of you in return: don’t get in their way.


2 Responses to “We’re not going to tell you what we did with your $24 trillion”

  1. geofftop Says:

    That’s funny LMAO

    Tell Kissinger to throw a little of that bread my way, I could really use it.

  2. Doug DeGrave Says:

    great blog page.

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