I want to know what you think...So I want you to consider your options very carefully, because let me tell you something, your vote will affect not only your own fate, but also the fate of the entire Universe when I am elected President of the Universe in 2012 (it’s on). We take the voting public very seriously around here. This is your chance to really make a difference. Don’t waste it. All of these issues are very close to my heart, and they should be close to yours too. I mean, think about it! The only way true democracy works is if all citizens, young and old, are active participants, instead of the fat, lazy spectators you’ve become. You have to get off the bench every once in a while and play the game EEEYYYAAARRRGGGHHHTM!!! And the bottom line is this: if you don’t vote, I’ll hunt you down and terminate you HATM HATM HATM!


3 Responses to “Democracy”

  1. kappe Says:

    please more ‘so’ in those posts 😀

  2. The Lack Says:

    Great site,
    I will be checking in a lot

    The Lack

  3. librarianchat Says:

    Get in the choppa!

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