More Lies

True Lies 2“So hey Tom, it’s Arnold! How’re you doing buddy? It’s been ages! So what have you been up to? Uh-huh… oh really… uh-huh… oh… er… Tom, that sounds terrible buddy, I’m really sorry to hear that. Damn. So listen, the reason I’m calling is that I’m sitting here in my tent, and Jim’s here… yeah, Cameron… Jim, Tom says ‘hi’… Jim says ‘hello’… so anyway we were just knocking around some ideas for True Lies 2… yeah, that’s right buddy! True Lies 2! I know, I can’t believe it either! So we were just wondering if you’d be available for that..? You would? That’s fantastic! This is gonna be brilliant Tom, just like the good old days! It just wouldn’t be the same without you man, I mean can you imagine it, you, me, Jim, blowing shit up just for the fuck of it… shit, Tom, I gotta call you back, Kissinger’s on the other line, but I wanna tell you one thing before I go: I’M JUST FUCKING WITH YOU! HATM HATM HATM!! Sorry Tom. Maybe next year.”


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